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Security Services

All our security guards are fully trained and site inducted. They hold all necessary security licenses, Occupational Health Safety training, Environmental training and hold current first aid certifications. Our Security Guards are disciplined, well trained and experienced, providing a high level of reliable security service and safety whenever needed. With our dedicated loyal security guards, we supply quality security services with integrity and unquestionable ethical standards in Perth 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Static Guards

If you need to hire security guard personnel, you need to be able to trust that the security guards you employ are of the highest quality. All West Security personnel are highly trained security professionals with the in-depth experience and knowledge necessary to provide quality security and protection tailored to your needs. Our extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedures verify each job candidate’s background and assess a variety of personal qualities, including trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of guarding functions to meet any client’s requirements. We supply Security Guards to several high profile organisations, both governmental and private in Perth. The quality of our staff allows us to offer professional security services that are far superior to our competitors.

Mobile Patrols

All West Security Mobile Patrols are used to protect property, assets and people. Often, just the regular presence of one of our mobile patrol security vehicle at your site can deter perpetrators. Our vigilant security patrol officers are a comfort to business owners and residents, keeping people and neighborhoods safe. We provide night and day security patrols and lock up services to a variety of small and large businesses and shopping centres. We will also provide ad-hoc, random, internal and external patrols. Highly visible security signage will be placed on our clients’ properties; these act as a useful 24/7 deterrent and warning to perpetrators, giving added protection to your business and additional security and peace of mind. Our high visibility security vehicles are equipped with overhead security lights, mobile telephones, two-way radio, verification ticketing, GPS tracking and scanning equipment.

Crowd Control Officers

All West Security can provide you with a selected security team for any type of event. The event services we provide for are:

  • Private parties and functions
  • Charity events & fundraiser
  • Boxing & MMA events
  • Festivals
  • Corporate functions
  • Rock & pop concerts
  • Carnivals and fetes
  • Sporting events
  • School formal and events

 All West Security prides itself in providing professional, licensed Security Guards for all major events and special occasions, concerts, hotel and tavern crowd control, domestic and commercial functions, birthday parties, festival parades and stage shows. We use well-tried effective solutions to quell any inappropriate behaviour at your event. If required, we can assist you with any event management, pre-event organisation and risk management that you may require.

Whether it is for a sporting event, birthday celebration, black tie wedding or high society ball, we can provide suitably uniformed or black-tie guards, as required. Our vast experience in providing qualified and well-trained Security Guards for a number of public and private functions has stood us in good stead and we stand by our excellent reputation. We can also tailor a specific security plan to suit your event. Some tips for hosting a safe and secure event.

Average ratio of security staff to guests is 1:50, Two Crowd Control Officers for the first 100 then one Crowd Control Officer for each additional hundred attending. Notify the neighbours and register the event with the police. Keep a guest list handy with full names at the door with the Crowd Control Officer. Organise drive patrols & additional security for before and after. Use security measures that enhance public safety.

Our Security Guards are always well presented and professional in their approach and customer client service.

All West Security’s reputation for effective crowd control is beyond reproach, for many years we have been providing experienced security guards for events or situations that require it.

Airport Security

All West Security has grown into a respected provider of security services, offering affordable, reliable and professional solutions to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our list of loyal and satisfied clients is long, encompassing many people and companies who will attest to our professional and friendly service. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with Security Guards that are fully trained, licensed, uniformed and experienced security guards. We supply Security Guards to several high profile organisations, both governmental and private in Perth. We can mobilise our Security Guards instantly for both long and short-term assignments, and we can provide a free induction service when required. All our Security Guards are trained in first aid, occupational health safety, environmental awareness, risk management and hazard identification. All our Security Guards know the importance of following strict site procedures and all Occupational Health Safety.

Alarm Response Services

All West Security provides an efficient and effective alarm rapid response security service. Alarm responses are attended to by our Security Guards in a late model highly visible marked security vehicle, equipped with a mobile telephone and a two-way radio, allowing for instant communication. Our Security Guards service is available 24/7 and is known for its rapid response time and cool heads under pressure. On arriving at the site, we will conduct a full external and internal security check of the grounds, and a full perimeter check of any electric fencing and boundary walls. Once we have cleared the area as safe, we will rectify any faults or damage that may have caused the activation. For a rapid security response service, alarm activations are dispatched direct to the security patrol vehicle by the monitoring company, via the mobile alarm response telephone.

Shopping Centre Security

All West Security has a highly qualified team of security personnel who are experienced in providing clients with shopping centres security services. The biggest benefit of hiring All West Security for their shopping Centre is the crime disincentive factor. The presence of professionally dressed security personnel lets shoplifters know that the centre is serious about preventing crime. Each guard has training specific to their functional role. The company realizes that its clients’ needs differ and as a result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will effectively meet the clients demand. Having a close working relationship with clients and guards guarantees the highest quality service.

All West Security can offer a wide range of services to ensure your RETAIL OUTLET is trading in a safe environment.

  • Static guards
  • Assistance to customers
  • Undercover Security Guards
  • Plain clothes security guards
  • Security plans
  • Diplomatic talk to customers and unwanted guests
  • Risk management plan
  • Continuous site review for constant implementation strategies

Body Guards Security

All West Security employs a range of professional body guards to provide personal security service to high profile clients and those who live with the risk of attack or kidnap. We offer a full bodyguard security service for people arriving in Perth and those flying domestically or travelling abroad.

All bodyguards are carefully selected, these are people with the right attitude and the correct character traits and skills suitable for this type of work. Our close personal protection staff are expertly trained in multiple areas, resulting in tough and smart guards who are alert and can think on their feet, and use whatever force necessary to protect our clients. Bodyguards are required to be in good physical shape, have very good attention to detail and be able to negotiate if necessary, but also act quickly and decisively if need be. They require good reflexes, exceptional situational awareness, medical skills, negotiating skills and be able to handle a variety of vehicles.

Our bodyguards often need to travel overseas, so a good knowledge of local customs is always a plus, and some basic language skills of the destination is critical. They need to be able to blend in on occasions, without interfering at all, silent but vigilant is their modus operandi. Having all the skills and experiences is not always enough, our bodyguards act and behave in a thoroughly professional manner, putting the safety of our clients before anything else.

Cash-in-Transit Security Services in Perth

All West Security safely transports cash for many large and small businesses. We provide a reliable cash pick up and drop off security service. Providing a secure physical cash transfer security service offers one of the safest methods with the least risk, of moving cash without exposing staff members to danger.

Our cash in transit security service will make your place of business a less attractive target for criminals by removing excess cash and limiting your exposure to internal and external theft. We provide a discreet collection and banking service for small to medium sized businesses.

In addition, we provide safe transport of cash, EFTPOS and cheque transactions, and a secure cash escort security service. It does not matter if it is a corporate, industrial, recreational, or for the educational or private sector, we will arrange a secure security service and cash escort to your nominated financial institution.

If you have documents, valuables or any other sensitive data or documents that you are not willing to trust with couriers, but don’t have the available staff resources to hand deliver, then we have the perfect security service for you. All pickups and deliveries are covered by insurance for the full amount being transferred.

Construction & Mine Site Security

When you hire All West Security guards you will not need to worry about replacing machinery, equipment, and other industrial products that are consistently targeted by criminals across Perth. Construction site thefts are becoming more and more common. With crimes such as theft, vandalism and unlawful entry on the rise, you need help and solid advice. All West Security guards lead the way in construction site security, mining security and plant security. Hiring our team will provide you and your employees with peace of mind.

Our guards are experienced in all construction operations. We can provide and tailor your needs to your specific site.

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Some of the duties for security guards on construction and mining sites consist of:

  • Signing contractors in and out;
  • Record visitor contractors and cross reference with the site foreman/supervisor for approval to conduct work;
  • Gate House Security to monitor staff and visitors access including vehicle checks;
  • Theft and vandalism reduction;
  • Delivery handling;
  • Mobile Patrols;
  • Internal and external foot patrols;
  • Log on and off contractors’ attendance time and leave time;
  • Safety Tracking for onsite staff;
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction to intruders;
  • Site access compliance
  • Unauthorised access
  • Visitor, staff and contractor inductions
  • After hours site patrol
  • Our Security Guards are qualified with the conducting of drug and alcohol testing when required.